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Limited vs. Open Editions, Pricing, Recognition & Notoriety.

The artist acts as a conduit, knowingly or unknowingly. Each artwork is an inspiration; each has a message, a purpose, and intended recipients -until its demise sometime in the future. The artist is a facilitator and is self-inspired in the process. As a gift recipient, the artist can not attribute the artwork to his ego. Furthermore, the artwork will find its path to the appropriate viewers at the proper time for each intended recipient; the artist is not involved in that.

I have concluded my life’s primary career; my art is what I do now. I am fortunate that my artwork needs only to accomplish the purposes stated above. Creating photographs is not how I survive or provide; they don’t have to be limited, made more valuable, or exclusive.

My role is to create and disperse for immediate use to as many recipients as possible; hence open editions and various other more-affordable options. That being said, I also know some recipients collect to preserve and invest. For them, some of my art is created and distributed in galleries, exhibitions, and other venues so as to generate that exclusivity using limited editions, custom frames, museum-quality materials, etc.

All of the artworks here on Ditched Samaritan are open editions. They are priced as such to broaden their potental reach. Here, their message is more important to me than the art as an physical object.

*note: occaisionally an image here may be found in another venue as a limited fine art edition -printed on 100% Cotton Rag Fine Art paper, custom framed, for example. In such instances, the artwork’s presence here in Ditched Samaritan as an open edition is fully disclosed.

Todd Suttles

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