The Ditched Samaritan Blog

…is a personal art project where I combine my lifelong spiritual disciplines of 12-Step & A Course in Miracles practices with Art.

I have chosen the parable of The Good Samaritan (Luke10:29-37) as a metaphor for this practice.

In my life, especially my younger years, I frequently found myself off the road and in the ditch, primarily by my own hand.

I have been very fortunate; I am grateful. But if I am honest, while in the ditch, I seldom fully comprehend nor appreciate the personal sacrifice and generosity of the good Samaritan who stopped to help, nor my culpability in the situation. Unfortunately, that appreciation mostly seems to come in retrospect.

I create and publish here on DitchedSamaritan.Com:

…to stay out of the ditch and on the road.
…to go and do likewise

Thank you for visiting, Todd S.

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