12 Step: Accepting Powerlessness as a Way of Life

My problem with spiritual growth is always my resistance; the door always opens easily with the key of willingness. Banishing my ego is where the effort is required.

My process is: 1) identifying it, 2) owning it, “yes, that is what I’m doing,” 3) accepting it without guilt and condemnation, “yes, we all do this, I am not special, even in this,” 4) choosing anew, “yes, there is another way; I want that.”

Art is my vehicle for working outside/in and inside/out. I use my images as the neutral blank screens that they actually are. By ascribing my thoughts and beliefs to them, these become more visible to me in a tangible way, allowing me to question and become more aware of them.

Disclosure: I am not saying I do this, only that I know this is what I should do 🙂 -Unfortunately, it usually comes down to asking myself, “would you rather be Happy? or Right?” before willingness arrives.

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