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...My Practice of the Twelve Steps, A Course In Miracles, and Art.
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    The Ditched Samaritan Blog… …is a personal art project where I combine my lifelong spiritual disciplines of 12-Step & A Course in Miracles practices with Art. The goal of this project, or more accurately, this practice, is to continuously, incrementally improve myself and, thereby, my usefulness to others. I have chosen the parable of The…

  • Art: The End Point

    There are many points in life where beginnings begin & endings end, before the final one. And even that one is up for debate.

  • Art: Interminable

    At the very beginning, at the start of my “new spiritual life,” everything was confusing and terrifying. I had found myself in the ditch on the side of the road, all by my hand. The way I had been living was no longer working, and the evidence was clear that it never was going to;…

  • 12 Step: Accepting Powerlessness as a Way of Life

    My problem with spiritual growth is always my resistance; the door always opens easily with the key of willingness. Banishing my ego is where the effort is required. My process is: 1) identifying it, 2) owning it, “yes, that is what I’m doing,” 3) accepting it without guilt and condemnation, “yes, we all do this,…

  • Art: “Feets”

    This is one of those images that anything I said or wrote about it would only ruin it. So I won’t. -enjoy

  • A Thought: Spiritual Practice

    Practice: “the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method, as opposed to theories relating to it.” Knowing and practicing are different. The first implies a state of attainment and authority. The second means the opposite, making room for self-forgiveness; it values progress over perfection. Self-tolerance gives birth to other tolerance—these two work…

  • Art: Just Stop

    preliminary notes for next project Translating the language of 1,3,4 to the language of 3.6.9. form>spirit

  • Art: Union & Connection

    In this photograph, “Connection,” I am reflecting upon connection, unity, oneness, or whichever word (symbol) you would like to use for it. In the image, one vine encompasses the other. But, that is only true from one precise location or point of view; step to the right or left only a couple of inches, and…

  • Art: Truth & Memory

    Truth & MemoryTwo immutable words; symbols.So solid, so endorsed, so trusted;until inquiry. Available as an open edition in sizes ranging from 8×10 -to- 36×45; $25 -to- $395


    I maintain my father’s blog, and on Wednesdays, I post paintings from long ago, i.e., Way Back When Wednesdays. It is neither here nor there, except that it got me reflecting on some of my old images. That leads me to think about Nola Mae and my favorite photo of her. For those of you…

  • Art: Between Number Eleven

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